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wifi cards Koh Samui Thailand

Buy prepaid Samui Wifi Cards at your local bluechip wireless internet location in Koh Samui or contact us directly for monthly or yearly Samui Internet Service subscriptions. Wireless internet WiFi Cards are available in 60 Minutes, 120 Minutes, 350 Minutes, 7 day Unlimited, and Monthly/Yearly wireless internet service subscription varieties.

bluechip wireless WiFi Cards Pricing:

Airtime Minutes Price in Thai Baht

60 Minutes

100 Baht

120 Minutes

150 Baht

350 Minutes

400 Baht

One Day Access

400 Baht

One Week Unlimited Access

1,000 Baht

Two Week Unlimited Access

1,500 Baht

*One Month Unlimited Access

2,000 Baht

*Not available for Samui residents. Please contact us for more information.

With 60, 120 & 350 Minute accounts, you can log in and out to save your minutes. However, these cards will expire one month after first use. Please note prices may vary slightly between buying online and buying prepaid cards in local outlets, this is due to currency conversion rates and PayPal fees.

bluechip wireless internet wifi cards - Samui, Thailand Buy bluechip wireless WiFi cards online securely through PayPal.

Enjoy the same great Wi-Fi service online using our PayPal payment system.

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