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Q: What is wireless?
A: Wireless is a term used to describe telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves (rather than a wire) carry the signal over part of, or the entire, communication path.

Q: What is 802.11?
A: 802.11 is the specification for wireless local area networks (WLANs) developed by a working group of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Q: What do I need in my PC, Mac or PDA to be able to use wireless internet (WiFi)?
A: An 802.11 controller (PC Card or integrated) and working driver software.

Q: Do I need any other software to connect to WiFi?
A: Not for basic Internet connectivity - as long as the 802.11 drivers are installed correctly and working. Accessing a corporate VPN may require some input from your IT support team.

Q: What settings do I need to check for WiFi?
A: That your PC/Laptop, Mac or PDA is configured to use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) for the 802.11 card rather than a fixed IP address.

Q: Do I need to update any of my software?
A: The service works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, or Firefox 2.0 or later.

Q: What is a wireless internet (WiFi) hotspot?
A: A hotspot is a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) node that provides Internet connection.

Q: How can I use a wireless internet (WiFi) hotspot?
A: As an example, a laptop equipped for Wi-Fi can look up a local hot spot, contact it, and get connected through its network to reach the Internet.

Q: Where do I find my nearest bluechp wireless internet hotspot (WiFi) in Samui?
A: Check out our locations map to find all of our current locations. We are constantly expanding our coverage in order to provide wireless access for Samui customers.

Q: How do I get connected at a bluechip wireless internet hotspot (WiFi) in Samui?
A: Most public hotspots require you to pay for access. This means purchasing WiFi cards, which you can do either online or over the counter in a bluechip wireless internet partnered coffee shop, restaurant or hotel.

Q: What are Popups?
A: Unwanted popups are screens that come up when you're surfing the internet. You go to one page, and an ad opens up on another page. Because they're so common and irritating, popup blockers are popular. Most people don't know that they have one or more popup-blockers on their computer, because these programs are often anonymously included with other programs and even Windows updates that they download. When you click on a link to intentionally open a web page in a new window, you are requesting a wanted popup. The problem is that most popup-blockers interfere with wanted and unwanted popups. Bluechip Wireless requires a pop-up window to open that displays the status of your connection and also the log out box so you can end your wireless session.

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